Net Booster Lite

Net Booster Lite 3.2

Net Booster Lite increases your modem speed to more than 115200
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Are you bored with your slow connection speed and wish you could navigate faster and avoid ISP disconnections?
Net Booster Lite keeps your connection secure, prevents automatic disconnection, and increases your modem speed to more than 115200!

The software is totally automated so you don't have to worry about technical jargon or knowledge. It automatically detects your OS to adjust your settings accordingly to the optimal values.

Net Booster Lite adjusts all the parameters required to optimize your connection and communication with the Internet. It will avoid packet fragmentation and performance problems.

The program detects and optimizes all the necessary settings such as MTU, MSS, Black Hole, RWIN, TTL, Keep Alive, and more! This ensures that your system will be configured exactly as it is supposed to be, enabling the best and fastest connection available.

You will notice the increase in speed immediately, allowing you to navigate easier and with little or no waiting times!

The program will also interact with Internet Explorer to adjust its settings accordingly.

Net Booster Lite operates with all the different types of connections available: Dial-up, ADSL, Cable and LAN.

If you really want to experience a faster, more enjoyable Internet navigation, try Net Booster lite.

Fernando Soni
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  • It really increases speed


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